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About Frith Luton

Frith Luton

Frith Luton

As a professional book editor (Accredited Editor, IPEd) with over 30 years’ experience, I bring a wide range of additional skills to any project I work on.

My 12 years of secondary teaching experience allows me to keep the perspective of the classroom in mind when working on educational texts.

My 8 years at Lonely Planet – as well as my international travel over the years – gives me a broad range of knowledge about different countries, their history, cultures and customs.

My ongoing studies and my work as a qualified Jungian analyst have added another field of specialisation to my editing in the field of psychology and in particular Jungian studies.

My experience in digital editing has kept me up-to-date with the technicalities and requirements of editing for web-based projects and online publications.

As a published author, I now also have an appreciation of having my own work edited, as well as negotiating my own book contract.


While my experience covers a wide range of roles, and includes primary, secondary and tertiary educational publications, as well as travel, trade and self-published works, I particularly enjoy working on projects related to my love of Jungian psychology and related areas.

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